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Lab Technician

Toronto, Ontario


The Lab technician helps to enable and maintain the high speed serdes characterization lab. The job also requires electrical hardware knowledge and hands-on experience in electronics areas from the component soldering to HW system assembly.   

Job Description:

The Lab Engineer technician will be responsible for: 
  • Lab equipment, boards, accessories inventory data management, packaging and shipping
  • Lab equipment calibration within the lab and/or outside equipment vendor
  • Capital equipment management, budget planning and repairing return and RMA
  • Lab capital equipment budget planning, quote and PO 
  • Lab auto robot system and bench HW platforms installation and maintenance 
  • PCB board, component and wire soldering/assembly on the re-workstation
  • Lab Bench and auto robot measurement data collection with the mature setup and test flow
  • Lab mechanical assembly of the platform and tools
  • General lab management and organization
  • Serdes evaluation board Sch/BOM update and management 
  • Lab equipment SW and license management  


  • >2 year of experience working in lab
  • Has basic knowledge of basic high-speed electronics and mechanics in the hardware lab
  • Has good hands-on experience of generic lab activities, such as PCB soldering, equipment maintenance.
  • Willingness to dealing with the complex HW and SW platform setup and data collection with high standard  
  • Must be able to setup the electrical test platforms which includes the PCB board, power supply, oscilloscope and other accessories 
  • Understand the computer HW system and knowledge of MS Office and basic computer programs  
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Detailed oriented and strong attention to detail
  • Have mindset to keep improving things   
  • Be able to work independently and logical problem-solving capabilities

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