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Sr. Data Scientist

Toronto, Ontario

Sr. Data Scientist

We have partnered with a multidisciplinary digital transformation firm that works within large organizations, agencies and groups, with the goal of building a more inclusive, collaborative and sustainable world. We have assisted them in their search for a Data Scientist to develop data informed intelligence that helps understand, facilitate, and design human collaboration. The successful candidate will be able to work with behavioral scientists, data humanists, data engineers, and information designers to develop new NLP models that achieve this goal and work with engineers to productionize them. This is a role suited to someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who is excited about the opportunity to design data structures that capture complex human behaviors.

The Role:
  • Identify and develop solutions that use behavioural data including natural language, gestures, facial expressions etc.
  • Design experiments to validate hypothesis and tools across various conditions.
  • Test innovative technologies to gather and analyze behavioral data.
  • Develop algorithms to automate ETL requirements for NLP modelling
  • Train ML models that use behavioral data to unlock insights about mental models and behavior patterns.
  • Work collaboratively with psychologists and data humanists to co-create novel ontologies that describe human interactions in digital and non-digital spaces
  • Evaluate and recommend new technologies that will form new products.

The Requirements:
  • 3+ years of experience working in various aspects of data science including experimentation and statistical analysis and a basic understanding of machine learning.
  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field, or equivalent training, fellowship, or work experience. An advanced degree in psychology, behavioral science, or related fields is an asset.
  • Hands-on experience analyzing natural language data
  • Understanding of NLP concepts like pre-processing, topic modelling, word2vec, semantic similarity, etc.
  • Proficiency with relational databases and JSON data structures.
  • Demonstrated skills with Python or R. Experience with NLP libraries like SpaCy, nltk, wordnet, Gensim is ideal along with experience with NLP transformers. (Ideally have a github space to share)
  • Ideally, an experience with 3rd party APIs like Reddit, Twitter, etc.

How to Apply?
You can apply directly to peter.mills@talentlab.com  or on our website at www.talentlab.com. We want to thank all applicants for their interest, but only those in consideration will be contacted.

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